Saturday, November 29, 2008

a break down of NYWC thorugh my eyes and ears...

I had a great week last week. I few days in Nashville for the National Youth Workers Convention. My previous post highlighted a few of the first couple of days. Saturday was sort of a blur... I fell asleep by taking 4 Nyquil drops I purchased from the hotel store. I was fighting a cold, I had no voice, and I needed to be ready to sing for Big Wednesday (that is a whole other post). I woke up at 10:30AM! I rarely get to sleep like that, but the Nyquil knocked me out. The Buckeyes kicked off at 11AM so I skipped the General Session and stayed in to watch the blowout. It was great to have a win like that against the Wolverines. I headed over to the Convention Center about the 3rd Qtr when the game was well out of hand. I sat in on the Tech Session which was cool to see how they work their magic during the convention. It was a ProPresenter lovefest which was very frustrating. At this point Jordan and Carter were the only 2 people I had ran into from our RVCC contingent. I spent the entire day alone. It has been along time since i have had that sort of isolation. It was good for the soul.

I grabbed a bite to eat around 4PM, by myself. I went to another session then made my way to the general session. Lincoln Brewster led worship and he reminded me just how bad of guitar player I am. Francis Collins spoke on being a Christian who believes in Evolution. It was an interesting talk, but he was pissing people off left and right. I sort of enjoyed that :)

After the General Session, I headed over to the hotel to drop some of my things. I hung out with Alan for a few minutes then headed over to grab a bite to eat with Jenn and Eli. We had a great chance to catch up. After dinner, (12:45AM) I stood in line to see a friend of mine from our home town who moved to Nashville to take a chance on his music career. Lewis was playing at the Stage on Broadway. The rest of the Waverly contingent was already there...they went over around 10:30PM. I told the door man that I was Lewis's cousin and he let me in ahead of about 75 people in line. The place was packed and Lewis was rocking the place. I stood about 5 feet from the stage and watched. around 1:30AM a guy grabbed me by the shoulder and asked that I help him get to the stage. It was John Rich of duo Big and Rich. He had a friend with him (Dierks Bentley) and they got up on stage with Lewis and sang a few songs. It was alot of fun, but I was out way too late. I got to bed by 3AM and i woke up with no alarm at 7AM and was over to the convention by 8AM for a seminar and the General Session with Shane and Shane. It was great stuff. I took my Baby Taylor to have the guys sign it and they remembered my from a few weeks ago when we met them at Mt Vernon.

Sunday was a crazy day and we drove home after the last General Session that night. I am glad we stayed for to hear Danielle Strickland. Her talk was fantastic. I crashed int eh back of the van and made it home by 6AM.

There were lots of great moments at NYWC, but after I break it all down my favorite moments were:

6. Crowder autograph

5. Danielle Strickland talk

4. Shane and Shane encounter

3. Lewis Copeland in his element.

2. Francis Chan talk

1. Robbie Seay Band Worship on Thursday night. They really impressed me. A great band. Very tight. It was my favorite worship of the weekend. They played 2 new songs that I have to find the charts for. I have scoured the internet, but can't seem to track them down. Carter and I went up and met Robbie, he was a great guy. He was very down to earth. It is encouraging when you get a chance to meet people and they don't disappoint you.

It was a fun weekend.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

at the National Youth Workers Convention...

I have been at the the National Youth Workers for the last day and a half. My family should be here, but they bailed. I am totally messed up from Francis Chan this morning. He thoroughly brought the goods with his talk. "You are standing in my pile of crap and you are ruining it!" "You are unflavored salt!" This resounds in my soul... i guess you had to be there...

Crowder Band rocked the house as usual. I hung around afterward to get Dave's autograph on the Baby Taylor guitar. The signatures that make it on the Baby Taylor are people who have changed my life with their music. Third Day was the only people for the last 4 years...until today. Crowder got a kick out of Maddie's Halloween costume (she dressed up as Crowder).

Tonights General Session was interesting. Three speakers. Tony Campolo warned of the Fall of Babylon(USA), Andrew Marin talked about how we are to love gays and lesbians, not convict and judge them. Shane Claiborne reminded me how much more like Jesus he is than I. lol

The Crowder Band had a complete meltdown at the beginning of "Neverending" and was quite entertaining.

It was a day that both challenged and encouraged. By the late night session, I was in the mood to laugh so we went to watch for some illusions. Great stuff.

I am going to go hang out at Gruhn Guitars in the morning then off to the General Session and catch the Buckeyes game. Go Bucks!

See you on the flip side.