Wednesday, July 8, 2009

brought the light...

It is a dark and lonely road, I travel out here all alone.
Facing fears and battles deep within my soul in need of great relief.
But You came into my world, still you came into our world.

The narrow path seems impossible, to many demons the truth fore told.
Blinded my my every sin, my anger rages deep within my soul.
But You came into my world, still you came into our world.

But in the distance a light shines, overtaking the darkness in my mind
To know that Jesus you are near conquering all my tears, all my fears.

You brought the light, shine it bright in me.
Raged a fight, for my soul to set me free.
Bore the pain, the nails and the night.
You stepped into my world and brought the light.

- Marty Ford

I find myself in this place as much as the next person. It comes from the heart and a moment of worship that I had with my God that may have been the most intimate moment ever. He reminded me how powerful His light is and that light can not be overtaken by darkness. We hide in the dark place, but still the light shines. Shining hope, mercy, love and grace. We often forget that those things... hope, mercy, love and grace are still available to us. I have friends going through some real crap in their lives, and because they are... so am I. It is part of being in community and we share in this thing called life. I am blessed. Jesus brought the light, may we reflect it.