Sunday, May 13, 2007

3 dollar per gallon gas has killed the Sunday Drive....

When I was a kid, my Grandfather loved to take us on a Sunday drive. Pap would pile all of us Grandsons in the car and we would drive. Just drive. He would drive us past old childhood milestones and memories. He would always tell stories about all of these places and things we woudl be driving past, he loved to tell the stories. We would learn about his childhood, his way of life as a young man growing up in Pike County. My grandfather was a twin. He and his brother, Donald were always getting into trouble. They were best friends and did everything together.

Our drives through the country would shed light on all of the mischief that my grandpa and twin brother found themselves. They had many adventures. We heard stories about riding double on a bicycle, on the way to a girlfriends house, and the brakes going out while flying down the big hill on 220. We heard about car wrecks, fishing, war stories and many others i don't even remember anymore. I loved to listen to my Grandfatehr tell stories.

These Sunday drives turned into our own adventures. We woudl drive past Lake White and talk about the big fish we caught. We would jump in the Sunfish Creek when the summer sun was almost unbearable. We would drive up to the Doc's Farm to see if we could see any deer. We watched my cousin Ronnie try to puke into a Pepsi can because he was . We witnessed many things, heard many stories, created a bunch of our own stories over the years, but we could always count on one thing. Every Sunday drive ended with ice cream!

As I drove home from Waverly tonight, I wanted to just drive. I wanted to see the places my grandfather showed me when I was a young boy, but I realized that I could not do that anymore. We are transforming into a society that has to go from point A to point B without straying too far off course. It is just too expensive. We have to maximize our gasoline. The days of Sunday drives and joy rides are almost gone. The 3 dollar per gallon has killed the Sunday drive...


lauren. said...

well you're in luck because the gas boycott is tomorrow!!

jaki good said...


i think you saw me on my sunday drive! you were right behind were probably going to rvcc. i was taking an expensive drive.....just driving around to "see". i got an amzing picture of an indigo bunting and poppy macro (see my flickr site) at my friend doris' house.

tersie is going to take me to her bike shop to get a bike! maybe i could start taking my sunday drive on my bike?

i am going to say a prayer for you right now....9:37 am wed morning.