Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tonight was a horrible night bowling...

I bowl as a substitiute on a team that Chris Moore sponsers. I am horrible. I have a 138 average with no sign of improvement. Tonight was no exception to that, i basically bowled my average. The guys on the team are great. They harrassed me about lot of things. I eat Bills pizza. Ok it was Jamie's pizza, but Bill usually eats his left overs...and I ate it instead. Jamie was laughing, because Bill was eyeing me eat his pizza.

Tonight was horrible. The team we bowled against was in last place, yet they gave us pins? It was not right, they covered our handicap quite quickly and beat the tar out of us. Until the last game, they finally bowled like normal people and we tied. So here is the kicker...I finally got on a roll on the third game, I had 4 stikes in a row...then it happened...I sort of ...well...I threw 2 gutter balls in a row! It was embarrassing...all i could do was laugh at my self, because every one else was laughing at me too. I finished the game with a 144, not great! If I would have knocked down just one pin, we would have won! I am depressed now.

After bowling, Chris, Bill and I went to Steak and Shake to drown our sorrows in a milk shake. We had a great conversation. We discussed some lingering church issues and got carried away. We were there an hour or so and I am sure we are all three in trouble. We talked through a few things that really needed to be discussed. I feel really guilty about a few things and found out that I shouldn't. Things were happening long before I showed up. So it was a conversation I needed to have and Bill needed to vent a little bit and it was good. Chris asked for prayer. Wow, it was our very own little accountablility bowling group :) They made me forget all about the 2 gutter balls....for the most part.

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anna said...

i am better than a sport than you!!!!!!!woo!!!