Thursday, April 5, 2007

was a good day....

Today was a good day in the life of Marty Ford. I had taken a few days off to enjoy a little road trip. I should say thank you to my wife for allowing me to spend money we did not have to experience something I may never get to experience again in my lifetime. I spent the day walking the the fairways of Augusta National at the Master's Golf Tournament. It is a day I will soon not forget. This course is amazing! Amen Corner is is where the small par 3 #12 hole tees off across the water and #13 comes back up the right side. The background is littered with Azelias in full bloom and is where many of the Master's greatest moments have taken place.
I watched some of the great golfers of the present skip balls across the water on #16, it is a tradition during practice rounds they say.. Again, this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Thanks Jen.

On Wednesdays of the Master's, they have a Par 3 Tournament. This is a very relaxed 9 holes of golf that is by invitation only. Previous Master's Champions and promising young amatuers fill the card for the invitiational. It is a round of golf where, trick shots are played out of the bunkers, 10 year old sons and daughters are caddies, and unsuspecting kids are pulled out of the gallery by the likes of Fuzzy Zoeller to putt in his last shot on the 9th green. It is fun, it is special and it is a time for autographs, pictures and wholesome goofing around. My new friend Mark Johnson and I found ourselves sitting just off the tee box on the 9th hole on this beautiful Par 3 Executive course on the grounds of Augusta National. We got to there around 1:45 just as the first trio made there way off of # 7 and on to #8. We were about 10 feet away from the action. The view to the green across the pond was perfect. We woudl call out the shots...."thats left...","come on, bite baby...", or "thats right at the pin...". There were many nice shots, a few shots went in the drink, and even one or two that I think I could have hit just as well. Here are a few highlights from some of my favorite golfers...

Phil Mickelson and Chris DiMarco were very playful with all of there kids. Mickelson hit a sweet shot about a foot from the hole. Nick Faldo was still in fantastic shape, his shot was off to the right and he sank about an 8 ft. putt with the putter between his legs and backwards to finish the round. Mark O'Meara left his shot about 4 inches from the cupp. Ian Poulter had a great shot, but an even better golf outfit that would make ChiChi Rodriguiz happy. My favorite was when the trio of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicholas walked up to tee off. That was history! I think that group has 11 Green Jackets between them! Nicholas and Player are still striking the ball really well. Palmer's back appeared to prevent him from swinging the club with any power. After hitting two balls in the water and not even coming close to the green, Nicholas suggested letting his caddie hit for him. I believe that Arnold Palmers caddie was his grandaughter. She did not want to hit the ball, but the crowd jeered her on. She approached the ball and took a practice swing...the prettiest golf swing I had ever seen, the gallery went nuts! She hit the ball across the water, and left it on the right fringe of the green. This hole was playing about 110 yards to the pin, and 90 yards of the shot was over water.

Augusta National has history, is immaculate and is Mecca for most golf fans. This is a day that I will be talking about for days, and will never forget in my life. It is not often you get to watch 3 of the greatest golfers of all time, play in the same group from about 10 feet away. It was a very good day. It was a Master's day.

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Jon Mark Hall said...

Sounds like a little Heavenly blessing may have decended upon the The T5Guy. The splendor of the King is revealed in so many ways.