Thursday, April 12, 2007

i promised more...

Let me first start by saying that last night was fantastic. It was intimate. It was acoustic. It felt very much like sitting on the front porch and worshiping. It had this bluegrass undertone through out the night that made me feel like worship was getting back to its roots.

Mac Powell is still the man. Great vocals. Great song writer. He and David Nasser have partnered to bring this Glory Revealed Tour to life. Nasser wrote a book about making the Word real and the focus. He asked Mac to help him out with worship songs that can be introduced into the church that are simple and strong in the Word of God. Mission accomplished. I could see us introducing every song off the cd into worship at RVCC.

Mac knows talent and this tour is no exception. He has brought in some great Christian musicians to help out with the project. The night sort of rolled between all of the artists, everyone with a mic, most with instruments. They seemed to pass everything around. I think four different people played bass. It was like a big Gaither sing along, only I liked the music. No disrespect. There were lots of harmonies, lots of layers of instruments, and no egos! It was like all persons involved enjoyed taking a back seat and singing harmony. Not anyone person was in the spotlight the entire time. I appreciated that so much.

Shane and Shane are amazing. You always know you have worshipped when they are involved! They sang "Yearn", which is one of my favorite songs (I am still scared to sing it in is so high). The coolest part was watching the other artist worship during that was real, it was humble, it was worship. Trevor Morgan was playing bass most of the night. He is probably the most underrated artist in Christian Music. I first heard him in Estes Park a few years ago and was blown away. He is a great guitar player and has a fantastic voice, influenced by Dylan a little, but better ;). My wife's favorite would have been Tim Nuefield, of Starfield. He sang "Son of God" which has quickly become a favorite at RVCC and it was fantastic with a little banjo and mandolin in the mix. Candi Pearson-Shelton was fantastic. I wish Anna would have been there to witness this girl's worship, amazing!

My favorite song of the night had to be from Shawn Lewis of Hyper Static Union. He sang a song called "Waters gone by"! This kid is talented! Great vocals, songwriting, guitar, bass and banjo! He sang a great high harmony part on Brian Littrell 's "Welcome Home", and honestly that was the one dissappointing moment of the evening. Brian Littrell sang two songs about half way through the evening. HE DID NOT PLAY THE GUITAR! He picked up a guitar, slung it around his neck and did not play it. He even had a guitar change! What? My OCD took over! LOOSING MY MIND! I will admit that he can sing, and he actually did a nice job singing harmony on a lot of the songs, but this was just a distraction for me. I could not get over it. I told Jen a long time ago that he was not playing the guitar in his music video and he confirmed it tonight. My advice to what you do best, I will respect you as an artist regardless of whether you can play an instrument or not. Remember your voice is as much an instrument as a guitar or piano. Even Mac did not pick up a guitar the entire night, you did not need it to make the song good!

This was a different evening due to the fact that they were video taping for a DVD that will be available this summer and for playback on television. There was only one retake the entire night, so I was impressed with that fact. All in all it was a fantastic night of worship and I was blessed by the experience. I have some new songs to learn. I have some great images to remember and had a really cool time with my friend Trent. Thanks for the Dew.

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steve said...

..."It was like a big Gaither sing along, only I liked the music..."

Too Funny.

misha17 said...

I'd read the concert might be recorded for a DVD, but this is the first I've heard it might be televised too. Did they give more details (date, station, show)?

anna said...

ahhh so jealous

T5Guy said...

Well, they mentioned that it was being recorded for use with CCN. Honestly, I had never heard of the network. I imagine they will run it on the Gospel Music Channel. They tend to carry alot of the live dvd shows. I have watched Casting Crowns, Shane and Shane, and Third Day all have specials on that channel.

SirMax said...

What a great review! I went to the show the night before in VA. I didn't even notice that Brian wasn't playing the guitar..interesting.

And Mac Powell is the man...totally! Thanks for the info about the DVD...alot of people on the Third Day boards have been speculating when it would come out.

God Bless

The Fixit Dude said...

I can't believe I didn't go to this.