Tuesday, July 10, 2007

so I can't sleep...

I have a million things going on in my head. I am so far behind on my blog. I am disappointed that I have not been blogging regualarly. So i am going to upload a few things just to get them out of my head....

A few weeks ago, I lead Chapel at Scioto Hills camp just outside of South Webster. We worshiped, we prayed, and we learned about 1 Peter. It was awesome! Amazing kids, amazing staff and the entire experience was centered around the love of God. I hope they ask me back at some point. A wonderful experience. Thanks Kayla!

I am on a Chrysalis Team for the upcoming weekend. These are amazing weekends where God becomes so real for high School kids. My prayer is that God will take over and keep our humaness from getting in the way. Fly with Christ!

There is a great new show on my favorite network (USA). It is called "Burn Notice". It complements my two other favorite shows on TV, "MOnk" and "Psych". I am watching "Monk" as I type this along with watching/listening to Brad Paisley/John Mayer Crossroads episode. WOW, I wish I could play guitar like those guys!

I lead worship 3 times on Sunday. Two services at church and one service for the girls Chrysalis flight. I felt like all 3 services went very well. "By His WOunds" may have been my favorite...the response was awesome, everyone really entered in on that one. It was the first time we have done that song...they caught on quickly.

I have great friends in my life. You often take them for granted, but I have been thinking alot about how important their roles in my life are in keeping me walking with Christ. thanks. You know who you are....:)

I want 4 things. I feel guilty. Materialism is something we all struggle with in our lives. I fight it too. Sometimes I cave. Sometime having no extra money wins. Sometimes I just research these things, so that I won't buy. In no particular order... a digital SLR camera, a Navagation System (Nuvi 350)for the Wrangler, an iPhone, and one thing that never leaves the list...a new acoustic guitar.

So I can't sleep. I have decided. I am going to do it. It the thing that is keeping me up. I just can't deny it. It may not mean anything. Nothing may ever come of it. But, I have to jump. I promised Jen.


theviolinist said...

you are LOADED with potential, the sky is the limit for you...we are behind you all the way my sweet, sweet love!

jaki good said...

marty ford - you have the copyright on cool. i don't know where you are planning to jump, but steve and i believe in you and will cheer you on!

T5Guy said...

the pool...off the high dive :)