Wednesday, July 18, 2007

what was he thinking...

How can he approach someone and force his opinion on them like he did? Doesn't he know that most people are offended by others who are so opinionated that they feel as if they must tell you how to live your life? Why do some people feel as if they must point out your faults? It was like he was trying to save him from the obvious embarrassment that was soon to come His way. How could he have been so bold? How could he have been so brash? I am confused about how someone gains such confidence to tell him He was wrong? I know he thought it would be damaging to His campaign. I know he thought his actions were what was best for Him.

Can you imagine how the conversation took place?

Can you believe that he felt as if he knew better of the plans?

Can you believe the arrogance?

What was Peter thinking when he approached Jesus? When he told Jesus that he was wrong to piss off the religious leaders. I think this entire time, Peter felt as if Jesus was damaging his campaign by making the Pharisee look bad. Peter felt that Jesus needed to have a great relationship with them to further His chances of becoming the great political leader Peter thought Jesus was destined to be. Jesus first told the paralytic, "Son, your sins are forgiven". The Pharisee were all over that...only God can forgive sins! Then Jesus, said He owned the Sabbath. If you are hungry, you must eat. Strike two! Finally, Jesus choose to do good over evil and healed the mans hand on the Sabbath. That was the beginning of the end. Peter felt that Jesus was being to over the top. Peter knew that this bold example that Jesus was God was a major setback to His ministry. Peter decided he needed to set Jesus straight.

How bold is that?

How did Jesus respond?

I think Jesus probably chuckled as he corrected Peter. He probably had a smile on his face. He loved Peter so much at that moment for being brave, but probably was humored by his inability to see the whole picture. Jesus knew that Peter was in this thing for the long haul and was probably happy that Peter stood up and spoke, because it allowed a perfect opportunity to teach. When I read the scripture, it feels as if Jesus was angry with Peter. I don't believe that for a second. I sort of feel like Jesus could have been sarcastic in that moment, but not angry with Peter. It says Jesus rebuked Peter. Jesus knew that Peter only did it because he loved Jesus so much. Peter was still worried about the flesh. How could Jesus say, "Get behind me Satan!" and not sort of be a little sarcastic and with a hint of a smile. Jesus did not intend to crush Peter, for He knew that Peter's future denial would be almost insurmountable for Peter to recover from. He needed Peter to understand that He became flesh, but was still God.

Now, I know I am probably wrong about this, but here is what I love...that I am growing to a place where I can have my own thoughts and ideas about who Jesus is. I seem to look so much deeper in to the gospels. I hate being a superficial christian, where my knowledge is only skin deep. I no longer want to just share the gospel by telling the obvious stories that everyone knows from Sunday School. I want to know the gospel intimately. As I understand Jesus in a deeper and more intimate way, then I can give up more and more to Him.

What was he thinking when he told Jesus, "I think you are doing this whole Messiah thing wrong!" I know Jesus had to laugh and that is why I love Him so much!


lauren. said...

jesus...he's so mean and wild =)

lhomme_314159 said...

it's coming marty...SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!