Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shane and Shane...

Last night a group of 14 of us went to see the Pages tour at the Grove City Church of the Nazarene. We had to rush around to get everyone collected in one place and then to the venue in a timely manner. Once there, I was able to relax. We had about 20 minutes to spare and had a moment to socialize with everyone who came. We saw a few of our Scioto Hills friends who had made the trek from Southern Ohio to enjoy an evening of worship.

I have to preface this by saying...Shane and Shane rock my face off. My good friend JD Hortel told me about them a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Shane is an amazing guitar player. I am humbled after hearing him play. I love the vocals, the sound and the lyrics blow me away. I just do not know how to write songs like he does. He is gifted from God.

The openers were Monk and Neagle. They played about 40 minutes. They are a great duo. Just the two of them with their voices and their guitars. I highly recommend them. They released an acoustic cd and this is were they shine. I am not as big a fan when they are with a full band. I think this is where they really showcase their talents. Jen and I saw them open up for MercyMe a few years ago and have been fans ever sense.

Bebo Norman was great. I honestly had not heard his new cd. I have only purchased, "I will lift my eyes" from the iTunes Music Store. I love that song! It is quite amazing to sing with our church community, they have really taken ahold of that song and sing it like it is an anthem! Love it! I sang that song at my Grandmother's funeral a few weeks ago, it will always have a special place with me. Bebo shared a powerful moment about how we are called to help the poor. He was talking about a great ministry called Compassion International. It was obvious that he was speaking from his heart.

Last, Shane and Shane took the stage. They opened up with "Vision of You" and "Yearn". Worship was on at that point.... I am going to admit something, it is been really hard for me to worship lately. I am failing at it miserably. Not tonight! I had a raise the hands, deep in my soul kind of worship experience. Shane's lyrics infect me. They weigh on me in a way that I can't describe or explain. Add the harmonies and I am moved. I don't want to even start on the guitar strumming... humbled.

They continued the worship and played some great Shane and Shane songs...Miss you, Psalm 118, and others. One of the last songs was a new one. It was called "Embracing Accusations". Shane explained the fact that he wrote a song thanking Satan.... so I know the feeling...There are songs i always feel like i need to explain, so everyone will be on the same page..know where I am coming from, so not to offend or confuse.

It is an amazing song that describes the battle that we are in with Satan and how he reminds us continually of our failures and faults and that we are cursed (Galations 3). But in that accusation, Satan forgets the next sentence..."Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us," Simply put like the last line of the song..."Jesus saves". At that point of the worship, I may have been crying. How easy it is for us to forget. I was reminded by the words, by the worship to God, by the singing, by the hearts that Jesus's blood was enough. I fight the battle daily and in the struggle I forget about what is most important. I loose sight of the prize. I find in my despair, it is easy for Satan to remind me of my being cursed. I loose focus. Then I hear Shane sing...."Jesus SAVVVVVVVEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" and it pierces the silence in my heart with joy and redemption!

Fantastic worship! I am sure God was pleased Tuesday night to hear His people singing of His victory!

If you have never heard Shane and Shane...check out a few video's on YouTube. This is one of my Favorite new songs from S&S called "Beg". YOu get to see a little bit of their humor in this one. Great song!

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Chad Rinehart said...

Hey Marty. That's very true. It is easy to get lost in our faults and struggles, and allow the enemy to drown us in shame. But, the beautiful truth of Christ's love is powerful enough to erase these doubts. What would it look like if we continually walked in God's mercy. Viewing ourselves as sons and daughter, nolonger slaves.
I might be coming home in a week, or two. Hopefully I see you at church.