Sunday, August 26, 2007

this was a great day....

Today, Maddie and Jennifer were baptized at RVCC's Annual Baptism. It was awesome. I am so proud of them both! I could go on and on about how this makes me feel, but I will reserve that for another post. Thank you to our Church family at River Valley, they are responsible for helping both Maddie and Jennifer come to the place in their lives they want to publicly show their love for Jesus! Here are a few pictures.... this baptism sponsored by Hall's Automotive, LiveWorship and Nike.... Just Kidding..

Tyler Cornish was baptized too! AWESOME!


steve said...

corporate-sponsored baptism...what a concept!!! LOL. There sure was a sweet, (nuetra)sweet(TM) spirit there that evening! lol.

anna said...

it was a great day.
baptisms never cease to choke me up. the symbolism is so powerful. the look on the faces as they're risen out of the water: always priceless.

i wish we had them more often (hint hint, pastor stevie)