Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 4... an afternoon in Zurich

We got up grabbed some breakfast and off to the camp. When we got there the kids were preparing sack lunches for the trip to Zurich. We packed our lunch then jumped on to our session. It was the Americans turn for entertainment and we thought about the Peanutbutter Sandwich Machine Skit but they don't have peanut butter so we went with the roller coaster skit. It went over well. But alas we wee still the stupid Americans.

We shared in worship once again. The Spanish put on a skit about the El Camino. They painted a beautiful picture of how difficult the camino can be, but spiritually can be amazing. They are trying to get at least 100 kids to come and walk. They are in need of adults to help cook, set up camp each day, and many other things other than walking. The Spainish are so passionate about the Camino. It is so exciting to see there love for people.

We loaded up in buses and drove to Zurich for an afternoon of touring and evangelism. We were able to visit a famous chocolate factory and a watchmaker. We went through a cathedral that was once a monastery has the most beautiful modern stained glass I have ever witnessed. You were not allowed to take pictures. This was my highlight of the day for me.

It began to rain as we left the church and went to the main shopping streets of Zurich. This was very cool. It reminded me of shopping along Union Square in San Francisco. The second street was a little different. It was a cobblestone walking street that winds its way above the river side. There many shops that sold everything you could imagine, but mostly clothing and shoes. Everywhere I look....addidas. I walked around with my new friend Ryan. He is the creative pastor at Four Corners Church in Mason, oh. I want that job :)

We have a ton of things in common but we seemed to settle our conversation on music and shared our influences in worship. We were a little concerened that they allowed the kids to try to find the bus station on there own so Ryan and I took a little different route trying to keep an eye on the kids. The city is crowded, it seemed that everyone in SwitZerland was out and about shopping and filling the streets. Our fears were confirmed when we lost 2 teenagers. One of the leaders said... "they are Swiss, they can find there way back to the camp." The American "leave no man behind" mentality won out and we were over an hour late leaving Zurich. We did find them. I felt relieved.

The worship band is from Holland. There website is I got to spend some time talking to the keyboard player about my ideas on worship and our philosophies were very similar. He had sat in on my seminar and had great comments. I really enjoyed sharing with him. We traded info so we can stay in touch. They did a fantastic job all weekend and now are officially the worship bands for campus crusade for Christ in Europe.

We spent the evening in worship and prayer for all of the countries represented at EASY. We closed the evening with a variety of alternative worship opportunities. Communion, foot washing, prayer stations, etc were available to the kids. I helped Deb from Orlando to pray with any of the Americans who wanted prayer for specific things. We were able to pray for Anthony and Vince Purpero. That was very special. We prayed for my new friends Adam and Chandler, they are expecting a child. Chandler specificly requested we pray for he so she can relax and enjoy being pregnant. She is so worried about the health if the child that it is wearing her out. After our conversation, I am positive she will be a wonderful mother!

It was a very long day but a great day. I am finishing this around 2 am. ... More to come..

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Jafeth said...

Hello Marty,
How r u doing? it is so cool to read all the stuff bout Switserland again! We had a good trip back to Holland, how was yours?
At the moment we are in the studio to record 2 songs for a album here in Holland, it is great!
I hope we ll meet again! It was also great talking to you about God and worship for Him!
Be blessed, also tomorrow in church!

Jafeth from the Netherlands..