Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I must explain something...

The previous 6 posts are random thoughts that I typed into my iPhone through out the days of my trip. I can promise there are misspelled words, bad grammar and weird spell check errors from the iPhone. Please do not judge my writing skills by these post. They are not eloquent or perfect. They do describe in broken sentences my experience of the week. My hope is to put down a summary as I reflect on the on my trip to Switzerland. I did have a great time. I am happy to be at home. I am thankful that I met some great people who God has blessed with the heart of missions. God blessed me with their new friendships.

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julie p said...

wow...i just finished reading all of that, wiping tears, and blowing my had commented earlier that another time in your life when you went out on a limb for God that it was a life changing experience. no doubt...God changes things. I am feeling honored to hear the story, relieved that you are back, and blessed that you are part of our rvcc family (and a little jealous....a good kind of jealous).

and to think all this time i thought the el camino was a car/truck combo from the 70'