Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is a test....

I have really been frustrated with Safari as of of late. It slows my Mac down and crashes frequently. My friend Mark Lee (From Third Day (Ok, friend might be a stretch, I stalk him on twitter and read his blog, we met at Music in the Rockies a few years ago and he played my Baby Taylor and signed it for me)) posted a twitter about Flock this morning. I thought I might try it out. It has some cool features, but I am still unsure. The reason for the blog post? Well flock will allow you to post right from the browser. So I am testing. This is only a test....Sorry Laura Tiu, I know you are expecting a good post from me. I promise, one is coming very soon.
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Mackle said...

Hmmmm... It appears Jodi was right. we do appear to have a lot in common! Mac Geek, Worship leader, Taylor owner (mine's a 510), stalker of Mark Lee...

I saw the 'Flock' twitter on there as well but haven't checked it out. What's the verdict?