Friday, May 30, 2008

positive blogging

I really like Mark Lee's post about positive blogging here. I have not been blogging a lot lately due to not enough time...and I am honestly tired of all the negativity. I really enjoy reading blogs about random thoughts, music, books, family, funny stories, etc. I really do not enjoy reading negative blogs. It is destructive. It seems that blogs have become a place where you air out your frustrations and I am good with that, but i think there is a fine line. I don't think it is a place to be judgmental. I read blogs everyday that basically judge others and hide it behind their ideas and religion.

So from this point forward, my blog will continue to be about the good. ALL OF IT. I will refrain from negativity and destructiveness. I had a great life lesson this week and it was awesome. I hurt someones feelings, I talked bad about someone and personally did not practice what I preach. I think Gods can use anything to help us grow, especially our own stupidity. He showed me something really cool and gave me some correction and insight I have never had before. I am not perfect, will never be perfect. I will make stupid mistakes. You think I could use my spiritual gift of discernment to figure that out before i make them, but it doesn't work that way. Discernment does not equal psychic. Thanks Sarah.

I am thankful for a friend that I became much closer to this week. Thanks Bob. I am thankful that even though I may have found myself frustrated and ready to quit something very important in my life, someone else was reminding me why I do what I do. Thanks Luke. I am happy that I know what I am getting Jen for her birthday... before it actually gets here. Thank you JESUS! ;) I wish I had a better worship set for Sunday, but hey ...God will work that out. Thank God!

Positive Mark said... They will never put up a statue of a critic in your town square.

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chelsea said...

Thank you for standing out in the crowd!