Thursday, May 1, 2008

last night...

Yesterday was sort of a good day turned bad. I spent most of the day in a good mood.  The craziness of work spinning around me.  I feel as if I have no where to turn or go. But I do. I know I do.

I really miss my grandparents.  They are all gone now. There is no one to fill that void in my life. I have been thinking about them a lot lately.  I know that most people have these same feelings, I am not alone. My Grandma's were wonderful ladies.  They were great cooks. They loved me a lot. I think that is what I miss the most, just them loving me. My Grandpa's were terrific gentlemen. They understood me even when I might not have even understood myself.  They always had the right things to say to me. The best advice a grandson could ask for.  I forget how often I actually talked to them about my life. I remember my Grandpa Ford scolding me for the way I was treating my parents. He did it in such a loving way, he made it easy for me to see my parents point of view.  Wow, I miss those relationships.

Last night, I had band practice in Waverly. My friend Eli and I have become accustomed to having these great short conversations while I take him home after practice. Last night I told him I really wanted to swing by the grave site before I head home. The cemetery is on the way to Eli's house.  He said, "Stop by on the way home, I am not in a hurry to get home." So that is what we did. 

I pulled up near were Papaw and Grandma Ford were laid to rest. The flowers looked nice. There was a Mockingbird sitting on the the headstone. It stayed in the same spot until we started to pull away. I told Eli stories about my Grandparents and the other family that are buried nearby. It was good to share. It was good to laugh about funny stories.  it was good to remember the day we buried Papaw Ford. Eli looked over at the head stone and said, "Martin Lewis..". I am sure he knew that is who I am named after, but I think it connected when he saw the name on the stone. I am not proud of many things in my life, but I am proud to have his name.

As we pulled away, I said, " I wish they knew Maddie and Caroline."

The real irony was the Mockingbird.  I have thought for a very long time, that my Grandpa was just like Atticus Finch. A pretty cool moment that turned my day good again. It was 5 minutes out of my day, but a lifetime for my soul. I drove home to the family.
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Roogles said...

That was one of the best (short) conversations we have had in a long long time!

I was all choked up listening to you talk about your grandparents, and our family who are buried there. Made me miss my grandmother, and realize that I don't spend enough time with my grandparents who are still here.

Great post.