Thursday, December 18, 2008

today I have an 11 year old..

My daughter Maddie turns 11 years old tonight just after 6:00PM. I can remember the day she was born very vividly. I remember how excited I was about the fact that we were going to have a child. I remember how nervous Jen was that morning about the whole process of birthing a baby. To top it all off.. we had no idea what Maddie was going to be... a boy or a girl. We had refused to find out, we enjoyed the surprise. She had so much hair! She was so cute. I was afraid I would break her.

She is starting to grow up now. We have had 11 great years of growing, laughing, playing and just amazed by what she has been able to accomplish. The next 11 years will be full of many things that I can't even begin to predict, except for one thing. I will always love you.

Happy Birthday Maddie!

I am so very proud of you.

Love Dad


Jon Mark Hall said...

Happy Birthday to you Maddie from the Hall's!!!

theviolinist said...

This is Maddie at 4 and Caroline at 2 days old, right? Maddie was such a little mommy...couldn't keep her away from sweet Caroline...always covering her in smooches:)

Bob Speakman said...

Makes me feel a little sad! :(

My little girl will be two in January and I know it won't be long before I'm making a blog post about how old she is getting!

You have a beautiful family, man!

Sarah said...

Aww! Nothing like a parents love. You and Jenn are such great parents : )