Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best of 2006...Family Moments..

There are lots of great family moments for the year, but I have taken some time to think about some of the special moments that stick out in my mind.

Best Moments with Maddie

I have a few moments that I have to mention with Maddie. I was very proud when she played “Mary” in our church childrens musical. She did a fantastic job! We found a few things that were just ours to share. We played her Nintendo DS before bed, taking turns playing Super Mario, Super Monkeyball and Elite Beat Agents. It is quality time that we talk about her day at school, what is going on in her life and just having fun. I feel like I spend a lot of time being the discipline in her life that we don’t get much fun with Dad time! Jennifer does not like the Nintendo DS, but I have found some great time with Maddie that is much more than playing video games.

Best Moments with Caroline

Caroline and I had a great day together...when we were both trapped at home....sick! We played games, we talked, we just got to spend time together, without anyone else around to distract us. I don’t always feel like I get a lot of quality time with Caroline. I think that is because she is child number 2 and always has to share the spotlight with Maddie. It was time I really got to dedicate to her, even though we both felt bad, we made the best of it. Caroline is always saying the cutest things...I live to hear them come from her mouth.

Best Moment with Jennifer

I had alot of travel last fall for LiveWorship and Jen surprised me by flying out to California to meet me. She flew in the following day after we had arrived and I tried my best to make it special. The weather was really nice, but the schedule did not allow for a ton of time together. We made the most of it! It was so nice to have free time together. It is amazing what a few days away can do for your relationship. It may have been the most important time Jen and I have ever spent together. I was reminded in her smile, in her eyes and in her grace just how much she loves me still. I will cherish that time. My hope is that we continue to find that quality time together. It may have saved my life.

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